WHAT DOES WAR COST? Thirty community-based performances of the play, and 71 showings of the video on public access TV in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Westchester.

Emma Gay Eric Vetter Jodi Young Raybblin Vargas

as Aunt Sam as Arnie as Yvette as Truth Fairy

WHAT DOES WAR COST? is now available as a 30-minute video. Use the video version to provoke discussion, expand vision, inspire storytelling and writing for your class, church group, friends or co-workers.

In a brighty-lit car of the # 4 train, as they return to the Bronx from work, John & Yvette meet a homeless Aunt Sam (recently kicked out of government in Washington) and the Truth Fairy who strangely enough changes subway ads for the MTA. At the heart of the play is Yvette's struggle to support her soldier son and face the truth of a war that puts his life at risk. The encounter of the four characters is heated and generates many questions for the audience discussion that follows each performance. What is patriotism? Who's telling the truth? What is the impact of war on the people and things we care about in New York City -- like our schools, health care, and the security of our families and communities? And what do we truly value in our relationships with one another and with others in our global village?


... a vivid, impassioned, and well-documented presentation of the moral questions we confront. When the administration and media fail to give us the information needed by citizens in a democracy, we must offer alternative sources that reach people directly.

Pastor Jim O'Hanlon, Epiphany Lutheran Church, The Bronx


An 8th-grade girl reported the play was "hot!" and presented things "not taught in school." Her friend, an 8th-grade boy said he never realized how much oil was so "needed" by the U.S.

Sadie Mahoney, Teen Center Coordinator Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, The Bronx


The show was terrific! Ever since, I use the program as a handout of information everyone should know.

Addie Banks, King of Glory Tabernacle/ Groundswell, The Bronx