Why did the NW Bronx stop burning?

During the 1960s and early 70s, banks, insurance companies, the City of New York, and many landlords drew a red-line around the Bronx and abandoned our neighborhoods. 12,000 fires burned each year, 300,000 people fled, and in the South Bronx 40% of the housing stock was destroyed.

To stop this abandonment and burning in the NW Bronx, community people of every color and ethnic background, working people, poor people, college students, Catholic priests and their congregations formed a 10 neighborhood coalition.

The video PASSIN’ IT ON celebrates the 25-year struggle of that coalition, and its success. In their own words and many accents, neighbors document their history and hold up a vision for “ordinary people” everywhere that together we can transform our lives, and heal our world.



The hard work of grassroots organizing has seldom been more powerfully & truthfully presented. Skillful editing and super titles make PASSIN’ IT ON an ideal classroom aid and stimulant for discussion and action.

— George Stoney, Dept. of Film & Television, New York University


This video makes the connection from your street to Wall Street, your block to the halls of congress.

— Joe Mariano, National People’s Action, Chicago


A great story of a community that survives and triumphs when it organizes . . . You have to watch it.

— Francis Fox Pivin, CUNY and Co-author of “Regulating the Poor and Poor Peoples’s Movements


Really Powerful . . . Authentic creative voices.

— Hye Jung Park, Downtown Community Television