Originally conceived as a film to introduce children and young teens to a relationship with children and teens in East Africa, Two Tanzanian Schools in Our Changing World introduces all of us to a money-poor part of the world most westerners know very little about. Within a rich visual fabric woven through with drumming and songs sung by two spirited youth choirs, the video takes us half way around the world to the very modern city of Nairobi. Then by bus and four-wheel drive vehicle, we travel very near the equator to Kissangura, Tanzania, where most people live without electricity and running water, in shady and cool round houses made of mud with thatched roofs. Without minimizing the problems and the pain of poverty, this video shows life in a primary and secondary school sponsored by East African Quakers, and offers images of children strong in spirit and their desire for learning. Two Tanzanian Schools is a 17-minute introduction to Africa and world poverty suitable for use and discussion in social studies classes.